What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic Digestion

Organic Waste EnergyOne of the main environmental problems of today’s society is the continuously increasing production of organic wastes. In many countries, sustainable waste management as well as waste prevention, reduction and diversion have become major political priorities. These initiatives represent an important part of the common efforts to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate global climate changes. Uncontrolled waste dumping is no longer acceptable today and even controlled landfill disposal and incineration of organic wastes are not considered optimal practices, as environmental standards hereof are increasingly stricter and energy recovery and recycling of nutrients and organic matter is aimed.

How is Yield Energy different from other AD suppliers?

Yield’s AD systems are designed and optimized to handle a wide variety of contaminated feedstock systems. Whether restaurant or grocery store organics, highly contaminated residential SSO or packaged food product, Yield Energy will design a pre-processing and tanking system that can handle a much more diverse organic waste stream due to its proprietary pre-processing and in-tank decontamination system. This allows AD plant operators to accept a wider variety of organic waste streams that might be contaminated with plastic, glass, bone & metal.