Thöni TTV High Solids Anaerobic Digestion System


The TTV plug flow digester is ideal for processing high solids, high contaminant organic waste.

The core of the Thöni process is the unique plug flow digester design that utilizes slow rotating paddles to ensure optimal mixing of digestion substrate, resulting in higher biogas yield. Part of the digestate is returned to the digester as inoculum, enriching the new material with a defined quantity and quality of micro-organisms.

Key components such as patented robust paddle agitators, larger shaft with machined agitator connections and the accessible, heated digester floor ensure that the Thöni TTV system requires low maintenance and is able to process larger sized, more heavily contaminated waste than the competition.

The Thöni paddle agitators and shaft guarantee a high mixing efficiency and virtually unlimited service life, even when processing the most contaminated feedstock e.g. OFMSW. This is accomplished by the special bi-directional “excavator” shape of the paddle and its highly wear-resistant steel construction. The specialized paddle construction and configuration prevents sedimentation build-up and the formation of floating layers in the digester by continuously transporting/mixing the sediments and floating fraction throughout the digester. By maintaining a complete mixture both the sinking and floating contaminants are easily removed through the bottom outlet.

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