Thomas Ferencevic

Thomas A. Ferencevic – VP Environmental Technology

Tom is a founding partner and VP of Technical Services for YIELD Energy Inc.
Tom has had extensive biogas plant operational training on multiple technology platforms utilizing a variety of substrates from agricultural to urban organic wastes. Through Dr. Digester biogas services Tom delivers biological remediation and operational support services to existing, underperforming biogas plants across North America. Toms work also involves consultation to the financial industry and project developers of renewable energy projects.

Prior to launching Sweet Earth Bio-Energy (biomass R&D business) Tom worked for government (OMAFRA), non-government (OGVG) and private agri-businesses (Cargill). He has developed and managed research initiatives in the areas of renewable energy, environment, pest management and agronomy. Tom’s expertise and experience come from working in an inter-disciplinary environment in areas such as product development and sales, research project development and implementation, funding application, improving market access and sector competitiveness as well as independent consulting services.

As an accomplished agronomist and sustainable business entrepreneur Tom brings a wide range of experiences and deep industry knowledge with him. Tom graduated in 1998 from Trent University with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science.