Recover Energy from Waste

renewable energyA large portion of waste generated in North America is organic material in the form of food waste, which ends up in and comprises 30-40% of Landfills (LF). This shortens the lifespan of the LF’s, and has resulted in odor and leachate issues, and large Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. North American LF’s are reaching their capacity, and many Municipalities are implementing LF diversion initiatives and organic waste bans.

Renewable Energy

There are over 68 million tones of food waste generated in North America each year. There is significant energy content in this material – the energy equivalent of 3.6 GW of power, or the ability to power 2.5 M homes. Yield can recover the energy from this food waste and organic matter to produce renewable energy in the form of renewable natural gas or electricity. This will expand the lifespan of existing LF’s, and reduce existing odor, leachate and GHG issues.

Yield Biogas Solutions believes in following the Food Recovery Hierarchy by utilising the energy potential from organic waste streams and developing environmentally friendly fertilizer products.