De-Packaging System Design & Integrated Services

In addition to offering turn-key biogas facility design services Yield offers a System Integration Service whereby waste management companies or operating AD plants can install custom contaminant removal equipment to fit their requirements to accept and processes contaminated feedstock. Yield advocates a multi step cleaning process (depending on types of feedstock or AD facility design) which includes:

  • Achieving better particle size reductions
  • Shredding and de-packaging
  • Pasteurization
  • Pressing or squeezing contaminated fraction
  • Intermediate storage
  • Customised tank feeding systems
  • Digester cleaning: Floor scraper and skimmer
    • 3 Main Highlights of our Systems:
      1. The Yield system minimizes and in some cases eliminates the need for process water.
      2. Organic waste with a high level of contamination will not affect system performance.
      3. The Yield solution removes both the heavy and light fractions of the physical impurities in the organic waste stream.
  • Yield Energy and our partner FITEC are experts in the management of all types of contaminated organic waste streams destined for anaerobic digestion. We have specific and very detailed knowledge in the design of equipment to pre-treat and digest any organic waste stream. Through a cost effective, robust, and efficient process we remove the sinking and floating fractions of food waste. With a Yield/FITEC system you can be confident that you be able to process any type of commercial organic waste and produce a clean liquid slurry for use in anaerobic digesters. The liquefied organic slurry will be much cleaner than others produced in the marketplace and allow existing biogas plants to increase their uptime and biogas production while significantly reducing the mechanical and biological impacts that organic slurries are currently causing in the marketplace.