Organic Transfer Station & Contaminant Removal

Organic Transfer Station

Yield Biogas’s Organic Transfer Station system provides an economically sustainable alternative for operators of On-Farm and Commercial Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Compost Facilities.

Yield’s Organic Transfer Station system allows for the off site, pre-treatment of contaminated waste streams at existing waste transfer stations. The resultant clean slurry can then be shipped to a cluster of facilities within a economically viable distance.

Physical impurities and the mechanical systems to effectively and efficiently remove them are challenging to design and require an in depth understanding of how an AD system operates. It also requires specialized experience in characterizing the physical properties of mixed waste streams and how to best handle them, remembering that the 2 main goals are to 1) produce a clean digestate and 2) keep the digester running 24/7/365. If not done properly it will result in physical contaminants entering your digester  in both grit or sinking fraction and floating fraction and may cause some or all of the following problems:

organic transfer station plant

  • Additional Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure for de-packaging equipment
  • Packaging and non-digestible matter disposal costs
  • In tank mechanical problems and maintenance
  • Revenue loss during down time and ramp up cycles
  • Contaminant removal technologies can dramatically affect the plants water consumption

However, careful plant design and process management integrated with the Yield/FITEC contaminant removal system  will allow for maximum uptime.